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Why Choose Vittles Vault?

Vittles Vault pet food containers are airtight


Did you know that pet food goes stale? The Vittles Vault has a patented sealing system that locks in freshness. Your bag of kibble will be good to the last scoop.

Vittles Vault pet food containers are heavy duty.


The Vittles Vault is made of heavy duty, food grade plastic. We built these to last! In fact, you could technically stand on one.

Vittles Vault pet food containers are pest proof.

Pest Proof

Keep bugs out of your pet's food! Ants and critters simply can't get through the Vittles Vault. 

Vittles Vault pet food containers are made in USA.

Made in USA

Supporting our local economy is important. We build Vittles Vaults at two US-based factories. One in Gardena, CA, and one in Sweetwater, TN.

Vittles Vault pet food containers keep light out and nutrition in.

Better Nutrition

Our opaque containers keep light out. Light exposure is known to degrade the quality and nutritional content of your pet's food. 

Save money by buying bigger bags of dog food.

Save Money

You already know that if you buy a bigger bag of pet food, it's less expensive. But big bags of food go stale quickly. With a Vittles Vault, you can now buy those big bags because we'll keep it fresh. 

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