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What Does "Vittles Vault" Mean?

Kind of a silly name, isn't it?

And try saying it 10 times fast!

Over the years, our tongue twisted friends have continuously asked us about the origin of the name.

The "Vittles Vault," in simple terms, is a ​food storage container - the term Vittles represents food, and the term "Vault" symbolizes locking in freshness and keeping the food safe from the elements and pests.

But there's more to it than that.


Have you ever wondered where the term "Vittles" came from?

It turns out that Vittles is a term dating back to the 1300s. It was thought to have a Middle English origin of "vitailles," which also has roots in France.

But then it was also discovered that there is a related word "victualia," of Latin origin, meaning provisions or nourishment. ​

THAT got shortened to "victuals," which technically is the correct term. However, the C was dropped from pronunciation and now we simply say, "vittles."

However, even though Vittles is mostly what we see today, there are still examples of "victuals" floating around...​

Victuals Book

This Apalachian cookbook uses the term "Victuals."

So, long story short, Vittles is food.

In more recent times, "vittles" have become associated with the cowboy / western culture.  

vittles label

Photo credit: http://akeptlife.blogspot.com/2011_10_01_archive.html

And anyone who remembers the television show "The Beverly Hillbillies," will have noticed regular use of the word vittles.

Screenshot from a Beverly Hillbillies Clip

Screenshot from a "Beverly Hillbillies" clip praising the domestic food industry for reasonable pricing practices.

At one time there was even a soft cat food called "Tender Vittles." Fortunately, ​it's been discontinued as it was a mess of chemical-laden gravy covered bits with a distinct lack of nutritional benefit.

tender vittles label

Anything that says "beef flavor" will have little to no actual beef.

What about the Vault?

The "vault" part of the Vittles Vault is more straightforward.

The vault symbolizes safety and security. We hope that our customers make the connection between keeping valuables safe and secure in a vault and keeping their food fresh and tasty in an airtight container.

Plus, most of the items in the Vittles Vault collection have a spinning GAMMA Seal Lid that looks very much like the door of a bank vault.​ Kinda cute, right?

Vittles Vault with airtight lid

Here's a final fun fact to leave you with...

We actually considered dropping the name Vittles Vault! Personally, I think the name is a succinct and accurate description of the product. But we're open to opinions. What do you think?

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