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gamma2 celebrates take your dog to work day

June 23rd is Take Your Dog to Work Day, and we're celebrating!

But at GAMMA2, we're lucky enough to bring our dogs to work almost every day. We have a few dogs who come in and spend the day with us from time to time, but Chucko is pretty much a staple at our corporate office. 

Chucko has been with us at GAMMA2  for about a year. Other fun facts: He's a 4-year-old Australian Shepherd. He likes long walks on the beach and endless games of tug. He's also a huge fan of soccer, chicken jerky and tummy rubs. I mean, who isn't, right?

Watch the video below for a glimpse into his daily routine. You'll see what a productive team member he is!

Bring Your Dog to Work Day

Chucko's typical routine on a work day.


Over the past year, Chucko has really made himself at home in the office. Scroll through the photos to see just what a fun guy he can be!

Chucko at Take Your Dog to Work Day

Chucko and Bruno meet for the first time.

Chucko's waiting to be given his first task.

Chucko's waiting to be given his first task.

Chucko wants to play

"Will anyone play tug with me?"

Chucko seeks a tug partner

"Finally! I found a tug partner!"

Chucko the Aussie and the Clever Pet

"I need a snack. Let's see what's in my Clever Pet."

Chucko seeks a tug partner

"New products are coming out. Let's take some photos!"

Lukey the Lab is another big helper around the office. And at almost 14 years old, he has a ton of experience!

He and Chucko both have pretty dominant personalities, but they seem to get along okay. 

Lukey catches up on industry news

Lukey catches up on industry news with Pet Pet Product News.

Chucko chews a mouse pad

"Does this mousepad belong to anyone?"

Chucko and Lukey help our engineer

Chucko and Lukey help Raymond qualify some samples from our factory in Los Angeles.

Chucko takes a break

Break time!

Chucko chewing the GoDog clam toy

"Chewing on a toy and taking out the stuffing counts as work, right?"

Taking stock of the Vittles Vault product at Unleashed.

Taking stock of our Vittles Vault product at Unleashed at the Bressi Ranch Carlsbad location.

All in all , Chucko really enjoys coming to the office, and Take Your Dog to Work Day was no exception. He's definitely a valuable member of the GAMMA2 team!

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Jamaica Winship is Vice President of Business Development at GAMMA2, Inc. She loves all animals, but especially her Australian Shepherd, Chucko.

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