Vittles Vault Home Stackable 65+ - Vittles Vault
Gamma2 Vittles Vault Home 45 pound pet food container
Gamma2 Vittles Vault Home 45 pound pet food container
Vittles Vault Stacked 45 and 65 pound containers
Gamma2 Vittles Vault Home 65 pound pet food container

Vittles Vault 65+                      

Home Stackable Pet Food Container


The same airtight function of our Vittles Vault Outback containers, but with a kitchen-friendly appearance.

These containers are slightly more narrow, which makes them perfect for kitchen cabinets, pantries, or even under the sink.


  • Includes free scoop.
  • Use a dry-erase marker to personalize your lid sticker with your pet's name, feeding instructions or the date your pet food bag was opened.
  • Crafted from food-grade, BPA-free HDPE plastic. Safe for both people and pets!
  • Made in USA.





Great containers.

by Kiana C

I have moved to literally the middle of nowhere. I have 2 German Shepherds that I keep on a grain free diet. The only place I can find their food is almost 3 hours away, so I buy 4 40lb bags at a time. Kind of hard to find room to store that in your home. The container I had in the past held 50 lbs, but I would still have 3 large bags to put somewhere.

I bought 2 of these, and they are holding 3 bags. They look nice, and they are stackable. Worth the money to me.

So much better than the totes I was using!!!!!

by Melissa

These Vittles Vault Stackable Home Collection Containers for Pet Food are awesome! These are so much better than using totes to store your petfood in. You can easily fit a 40 pound bag of dog food in this 65+ container and still have room left. These have a nice screw on lid, so it seals and helps keep animals and even rodents out, if you keep them outside. 

I have a limited space where I keep mine and these stackable containers are perfect for someone who has a limited space but needs to buy their dog food in a large quantity. 

I have 3 of these containers, all in different sizes, and they stack very nicely. I did however take the advice to get Arm and Hammer Cushion Shelf Liners to keep them from sliding because the surface on these is a little slick when stacking them. 

I am very happy with these containers, and I would recommend them.

This thing is awesome!

by Kayla

We have a huge boxer and he goes through a bag of food in less than 2 weeks. This container holds about 3 and 1/2 bags of food! I think it could 4 if I bought 4 bags. Haven't been to the store in a month and I love it! Takes up less space than the bag did and the room doesn't smell like SALMON anymore, which I love.


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