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Vittles Vault Soft Store Pet Food Container 50 pounds
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Vittles Vault Soft store 50 

Collapsible Pet Food Container


Made for maximum storage efficiency, the Vittles Vault SoftStore pet food containers are a favorite in the collection.

As your furry friend consumes food, the container compresses.

Ideal for boats, RVs, road trips, hotel rooms, tiny homes and any place where space is limited.


  • 100% food grade materials. BPA-free.
  • Carrying handle make this container especially travel friendly.
  • Made in USA by hand.





Perfect for sealing in the dry dog food, KEEPS THE ANTS OUT

by Infinite Beauty

Works like a charm keeping large quantity of dry dog food fresh while keeping ants out. We have two dogs who eat different food. We bought two of these and labeled the lids. Wish they came in different colors. Easy to open. We might get the smaller one for all the different bird seed, too.


by S. Young

I =LOVE= this!! It is, quite possibly, the best idea for pet food storage.

Not only is this a quality product and MUCH easier to handle/manage the pet food than keeping it in the bags, but it keeps the food fresh and free from pests. The top is a large opening with a screw-top lid and very easy to use. I cannot imagine dealing with bags of pet food ever again.

I give these as gifts to anybody bringing home a new puppy. Years later, I am still being thanked for the gift. Yes, it is that good.

MUST-HAVE for pet owners!

by B.H.

This product is FABULOUS! It keeps our dog food fresh as long as it takes our 5lb. dog to go through her food (at least 6 months usually). And it collapses down as the food gets lower. I am an organization near-expert, and this product is on my list of must-haves with a pet! It allows for great storage of dog food in a small space without attracting unwanted moisture or critters. 

And it looks nice! I'm buying one for my mom and brother now! 🙂


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