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Need a new one? You've come to the right place!

Perhaps your GAMMA gasket (also commonly referred to as an o-ring or seal) has stretched out over time. Maybe it broke?

Instead of having to get a whole new container, wouldn't it just be easier to replace the piece that needs replacing? We thought so, too! To order replacement gaskets. PLEASE NOTE: We are no longer are accepting orders for replacement gaskets. To order new replacement gaskets from Petmate please visit:  Vittles Vault Replacement Gaskets 

We currently offer replacement gaskets in 2 sizes:

1. The 2.0 Gasket

This gasket fits our smaller lid that has a diameter of just under 10 inches. This is the lid that fits on 2 gallon buckets and several of our Vittles Vault containers.  To order the 2.0 Gasket from Petmate please visit: 2.0 Replacement Gasket

The 2.0 lid is 9.75" across.

GAMMA Seal Lid 2.0 - Mocha granite color
GAMMA Gasket Pack

Above:  2.0 GAMMA Gasket

2.0 Gasket 

2. The 5.0 Gasket​

The 5.0 gasket is for our larger GAMMA Seal Lids and Vittles Vaults that have just under a 12" diameter. To order a replacement 5.0 Gasket from Petmate please visit: 5.0 Replacement Gasket

The 5.0 lid is 11.75" across.

GAMMA Seal Lid 2.0 - Mocha granite color

Above: 5.0 GAMMA  Gasket

5.0 Gasket


1. Do I need a gasket?

Yes! Our patented sealing system is the secret to keeping your food fresh. Without this gasket, your GAMMA lids and Vaults aren't as functional. It's the gasket that creates the airtight seal.

2. What size gasket should I order?

There are two gasket sizes: 2.0 gaskets for lids that are under 10" across, and 5.0 gaskets for lids that are approximately 12 inches.

Please refer to the guide below to help determine which gasket you need.

GAMMA Seal Lid Size Guide

GAMMA Seal Lid Guide

If you have a colored lid, you need a 5.0 gasket. Hope this helps!

3. Where does the gasket go?

If you turn your lid over, you'll notice that the underside of the lid has threading. The gasket should fit perfectly on the top threaded portion.  ⬇

Gasket for GAMMA Seal Lid and Vittles Vault

4. Can I take my gasket on and off?

We don't recommend removing your gasket once it's in place. 

5. What is the GAMMA gasket made of?

Our gaskets are made from a material called SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) coated with a food grade silicone. Like the rest of our components, the gaskets are made in USA.

6. How can I properly care for my gasket?

GAMMA gaskets require little maintenance. In fact, the less you mess with them, the better. Ideally, they should last for years, but if you over tighten your lid or expose ​a gasket to the elements for extended periods, it can deteriorate over time.

7. I have more questions. How can I get help?

Please email us at and we'll be happy to assist you.

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