Vittles Vault Outback 80 - Vittles Vault
Vittles Vault Outback 80 Pound Pet Food Container
Vittles Vault Outback 80 Pound Pet Food Container
Vittles Vault Outback 80 Pound Pet Food Container and 50 Pound Container
Vittles Vault 4380 and 4350
Vittles Vault Outback XL Container 80 Pounds 4380

Vittles Vault OUTBACK 80

Get all the bags. We'll keep the food fresh.


The Vittles Vault Outback Collection offers world-class freshness.

Lock in freshness and lock out pests with our patented sealing system and thoughtfully constructed angles that make it extra tough for anything from the outside to get in.


  • Includes free scoop.
  • Space efficient with a tall profile.
  • Use a dry-erase marker to personalize your lid sticker with your pet's name, feeding instructions or the date your pet food bag was opened.
  • Crafted from food-grade, BPA-free HDPE plastic. Safe for both people and pets!
  • Made in USA.





I have needed this for years! Great item at a fair price

by Eagleone

I used to use jumbo clips to close the 50lb pounds of dog food, but this product has eliminated that! I mix my dog foods, and I used to have to separate bags open to pull food from each. Now I can just combine them and keep them airtight together. I was able to fit a 50lb bag and a 30lb bag together. What a difference, and it is a great space saver!

Item feels durable, and plastic is thick enough to keep the food secure. Overall, this was a bargain.

Definitely a great buy

by Os

I use mine for hay pellets for my horse, and I have it sitting right outside his stall. Works great - never any moisture inside... even when they hose down the bam's dirt walkways.

Fits almost 150lbs of chicken feed

by M. Espinoza

Fits almost 150lbs of chicken feed. The Vittles Vault has held up great, and now the chicken feed doesn't get stale and I can store their food outdoors.


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