Vittles Vault Outback 8 - Vittles Vault
Vittles Vault Outback Pet Food Container 8 Pounds
Vittles Vault Outback Bucket 8 to 10 Pound Capacity 4308

Vittles Vault outback 8

Food Grade Bucket with GAMMA Seal Lid


The Vittles Vault Outback bucket collection is ideal for storing both pet food and people food.

Our canister style buckets feature sturdy construction and a heavy duty steel handle for easy transport.


  • Includes free scoop.
  • Heavy duty construction and sourced from US materials.
  • Food-grade and BPA-free. Safe for both people and pets!






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Great design!

by B.K. Anderson

I have been ordering pet food in bulk to save money, which is great, but leaves me with the issue of finding air-tight storage for large quantities of food. I chose to order the Vittles Vault Outback 8 to test it out and determine whether or not I wanted to invest in a larger size.

I am currently using it to hold guinea pig pelleted food, which must be kept air-tight and out of the light (to prevent Vitamin C from degrading). So far, the Vittles Vault has worked great. The lid design allows you to spin it open and closed instead of having to pry off a typical storage bucket lid.

I have enjoyed using it, and will probably invest in a larger model at some point in the future.​

Great for Day-to-Day Feedings

by Keel

I keep the large Vittles Vault in the garage and use the smaller containers for day-to-day feeding that I store under the cabinet in the laundry room where I feed my dog. I can leave these out in the open, even with a puppy on the premises. These would also be great for storing food up at our ski house for a winder of 3-day weekends.

Excellent product

by AC

Very pleased with this little guy! I have a big dog, and need to buy his food in 50 pound bags. That goes into a larger size Vittles Vault, but makes feeding him a pain, as I have to go out on the back deck to retrieve kibbles for him.

I bought this size so I could have a smaller container in the house that had a small footprint. My trips are cut way back on having to go and fetch his kibble, and he doesn't have to wait to be fed... win/win for both of us.

This bucket, along with the larger one that I keep outdoors, keeps bugs and pests out, it has a nice, tight seal, and food stays fresh. This is exactly what I needed. Thanks for a great product!


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