Vittles Vault Outback 30 - Vittles Vault
Vittles Vault Outback 15 pound pet food container
Vittles Vault Outback 15 pound pet food container and 30
Vittles Vault Outback 30 Pound Container 4330

Vittles Vault OUTBACK 30

No nonsense freshness


The Vittles Vault Outback Collection offers world-class freshness.

Lock in freshness and lock out pests with our patented sealing system and thoughtfully constructed angles that make it extra tough for anything from the outside to get in.


  • Includes free scoop.
  • Space efficient design that's also stackable.
  • Use a dry-erase marker to personalize your lid sticker with your pet's name, feeding instructions or the date your pet food bag was opened.
  • Crafted from food-grade, BPA-free HDPE plastic. Safe for both people and pets!
  • Made in USA.






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Air and ant tight, won't wear out

by Comp Expert

This unit is set apart from others in that there is no plastic looking flap that will eventually break from use or rubber weatherproofing strips that wear out. Instead, it's threaded like a jar. The wide mouth allows your whole hand to easily fit inside when scooping out food. Solid, timeless design.

Really air-tight storage

by Mark G

I use this to custom mix and store large amounts of cat food for my 5 cats (soon to be 6). It is truly air-tight, and I think it could stand up to anything. If you have a huge dog who gets into food, this would easily stand up to abuse. Highly recommended.

Just what I was hoping for

by Jen

The 30 pound Vittles Vault holds my 30 pounds of Taste of the Wild dog food just fine, with enough room to spare to toss in the scooper, too. The lid is nice and snug. The plastic on some of the corners is thin enough that I don't know if I'd trust this outside with the squirrels and mice, but inside, it's just fine. 

My biggest concern is ants, and they won't be able to get in here!


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