Vittles Vault Outback 25 - Vittles Vault
Vittles Vault 4328 Pet Food Container 25 Pound Capacity
Vittles Vault 4328 Pet Food Container 25 Pound Capacity
Vittles Vault Outback 25 Pound Container 4328
Vittles Vault 4328 Pet Food Container 25 Pound Capacity
Vittles Vault 4328 Pet Food Container 25 Pound Capacity

Vittles Vault OUTBACK 25

Built for the outdoors, but cute enough for inside


The Vittles Vault Outback Collection offers world-class freshness.

Lock in freshness and lock out pests with our patented sealing system and thoughtfully constructed angles that make it extra tough for anything from the outside to get in.


  • Includes free scoop.
  • Decorative paw prints make this pet food container beyond adorable.
  • Use a dry-erase marker to personalize your lid sticker with your pet's name, feeding instructions or the date your pet food bag was opened.
  • Crafted from food-grade, BPA-free HDPE plastic. Safe for both people and pets!
  • Made in USA.






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Dry, secure, no pests! We love it!

by TM

Absolutely perfect! I have had many dog food containers. I have had them with wheels, with different types of lids, have used plastic boxes with lids from The Container Store, etc. This works the best. 

No more ants, nothing gets in, and even out on the deck, this thing keeps the 25 pound bag of food completely dry, with a little room to spare. We couldn't be happier!

Two things to note: If you close the lid too tightly, it can be difficult to open. If your hands are not that strong, you might want to keep that in mind. To stay airtight and dry, it really doesn't need to be cranked shut super tight, so no worries there. 

Our 25 pound bag of dog food easily fits, and I am sure we could add in another 10 pounds or so. Note that we use high quality dog and cat food - the grain-free varieties (besides being better for our animals), also tend to be much more dense, so they take up less room.

Great for storing my dog's dry food!

by GlitterInTheQuarter

I've been looking for a storage solution for my dog's dry food for awhile, and this was the perfect fit! I buy big 20+ pound bags at a time, but they look unsightly sitting around the kitchen. I was also worried about it going stale or getting bugs living in it.

This container is air-tight, and the design of the lid makes it very easy to open and close. You can even do it with one hand if, like me, you have to use your other hand to stop your apparently starving Dachshund fro diving headfirst into the tub.

The design of the tub is attractive, and the paw prints on the side add a cute touch to it. I bought the 25 lb Vittles Vault, and there was more than enough room for the entire bag of food. It comes with a measuring cup, which is very handy. I am extremely happy with the quality of this product, and the price is great, too.

Vittles Vault is a Winner!

by Nedra

This arrived today, and we immediately washed and dried it and put our dog food in it. We had just opened a fresh 25 lb bag of Merrick Grain Free a couple of days ago, and only a few cups had been used, so it was pretty obvious that there was room for more even with a full bag.

I have to admit that the container is deceiving; it looks smaller than it is. I have arthritis, but had no problem opening the lid. I like the recessed grips on all four sides, which make it easy to lift up when we need to move it. This will really come in handy because we live in a motorhome a lot and the food needs to be moved frequently.

We have been through dozens of plastic dog food containers over the years, and I have never liked any of them for a variety of reasons - they don't seal well, they fall over easily when traveling in our RV, they take up too much room, they are hard to lift (no grips)... the list goes on!

Compact for small areas
Easy open lid
Recessed grips make it easy to open
It is made from FDA approved high-density polyethylene, which is used throughout the "human" food industry
It is BPA free
It is actually quite attractive

None that I can find!

As long as you get the right size based on the size of the kibble, you should have no problem. If the kibble is on the large size, I suggest upgrading to the next higher size to be safe. 

Even my husband likes this, and he doesn't usually say much about the things I buy!


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