Vittles Vault Outback 20 - Vittles Vault
Vittles Vault 4320 Container
Vittles Vault 4320 Container
Vittles Vault 20 Pound Bucket and Black GAMMA Seal Lid
Vittles Vault Outback Bucket 20 to 25 Pound Capacity 4325

Vittles Vault outback 20

Food Grade Bucket with GAMMA Seal Lid


The Vittles Vault Outback bucket collection is ideal for storing both pet food and people food.

Our canister style buckets feature sturdy construction and a heavy duty steel handle for easy transport.


  • Includes free scoop.
  • Heavy duty construction and sourced from US materials.
  • Food-grade and BPA-free. Safe for both people and pets!






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We love Vittles Vaults

by dfwjr

We love our Vittles Vaults! We have two of the 40 pound units, and three of the 20 pound units. We use them for dog food and bird seed. They help keep the food fresh, and they keep uninvited critters out. I would recommend Vittles Vaults to anyone who needs to store food for their furry and feathered friends.

Great Design

by cl

We've had one of these for our dog's food for several years, and I  just ordered a bigger one for the huge bags of bird seed we use. It's made of hard, sturdy plastic, easy to clean, and lightweight to carry.

The great thing about this design is the way the top works. You just spin it on and it makes a nice, tight seal. You spin it the other way, and it easily opens. There's never a struggle to pry it off, or get it threaded correctly.

Vittles Vaults Rock!

by Freestone

They keep ants out of the pet food and it's a really nice design. The material is a strong, high quality plastic, and it has an excellent seal. We run a dog rescue and store food and treats in these.

We also use one for storing rice. They would be good for survival food storage as well. We love how they are also easy to stack and label, fill and transfer.


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