Vittles Vault Junior - Vittles Vault
Vittles Vault Junior Pet Food Container
Vittles Vault Junior Pet Food Container
Vittles Vault Junior Pet Food Container
Vittles Vault Junior Pet Food Container
Vittles Vault Junior Raw Food Container

Vittles Vault JUNIOR

Compact Pet Food Container


Your pet is a true connoisseur. They want (and deserve) only the best. That's why you buy your pet food in small batches. 

Recently our clever pet parents have discovered that the Vittles Vault Junior is ideal of for storing raw food in the refrigerator and freezer. It keeps odors out and locks freshness in.


  • Free scoop included.
  • Molded handles make carrying and pouring a breeze.
  • Crafted from food-grade, BPA-free HDPE plastic. Safe for both people and pets!
  • If you love coffee, this container will keep it fresh! ☕️
  • Made in USA.





Great portable pet food container

by M. St-Louis

I use the Jr Vault to store food when traveling with y dogs. It's compact and sturdy. While the lid is not the "vault" lid soon on larger size Vittles Vaults, it does a good job at containing the pet food odors - i.e. my dog's don't try to dig their way to the trunk of the car to get at the container. They leave it alone in the hotel room, and the car doesn't smell like dog food.

The snap-on measuring cup doubles as a small dish. It should be cleaned after each use. Failing to do so will make the screw-cap lid dirty and smelly, which means that your dog will try to chew the lid, as it now smells tasty.

This little vault would be a great countertop or pantry storage solution for a small dog or cat. It would also work well as a dog treat container.

A lesser-known use for the Jr. Vault... Shake the Jr Vault (with food inside) and your dogs will come to your feet very quickly ;)​

Perfect size for our bird's food

by KG

I bought a large and a small Vittles Vault for our dog's and cat's food, and I love them. No more ants! I looked for an even smaller one for the parrot's food and found this one. This is the perfect size. The size and shape of this Vittles Vault fits great on the shelf below our bird's cage, and helps keep it bug and moth free, while also helping it to stay fresh longer. 

The opening makes it easy to pour the seed into the cap, or directly into the food bowl, while the indents on the sides give me a better grip while pouring. This Vittles Vault works great for what I bought it for.

Love the convenience! Durable.

by Denice L.

The Vittles Vault Jr. is a great way to travel with your dog and not worry about how to take 4-5 days worth of food. I used to have to bring a gallon sized ziplock bag with a separate scoop. But those can tear and critters could sniff it out when I went camping. 

This is a simple and easy way to eliminate the hassle. Just pour in dog food, and you are good to go with a serving cup/bowl to boot. The quality is great, and I am very pleased. 


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