FAQs - Vittles Vault

Are your products BPA Free?

Yes, our containers are made from food-grade, BPA-free (and BPS-free) plastic. Our containers are safe for both people and pet food!

Where are your products made?

We are committed to supporting our local economy. We proudly make our Vittles Vault pet food containers and GAMMA Seal Lids in the USA. We have two factories: one in California and one in Tennessee.

Can I put the container or lid in the dishwasher?

We do not recommend putting the Gamma Seal Lid in the dishwasher. Please wash this piece by hand. The containers themselves can be put in the dishwasher, with an important exception: Please don't put the Travel-Tainer in the dishwasher or it will shrink!

What do you mean by "Pest Proof?"

When we say pest, we mean insects such as ants (a very common problem). Rats can chew through metal if they have reason to think there is food to be had. We do not guarantee our product against mice, rats, raccoons, possums, squirrels, bears, etc. However, we do make it difficult for these pest to chew through the rounded angle corners. It's tough for them to get their mouths around these corners.

We suggest that if you have a problem, place a piece of wood (13"X 13") over the top, or store the Vittles Vault upside down. 

Customers have also had success covering their container with a milk crate or putting a couple of drops of peppermint essential oil on the container to act as a natural repellent.​

My gasket / o-ring / seal is stretched or broken. How can I get a new one?

The gasket is extremely important in ensuring an airtight seal for your lid or container. You can get a replacement GAMMA gasket here:


Can I store my Vittles Vault outside?

The Vittles Vault Outback Collection is ideal for outdoor storage. 

What size container is right for me?

We've made it easy to find the right container size. The name of the product is the overall capacity of the container. For example, the Vittles Vault Outback 25 is made to hold approximately 25 pounds of dog food. However, please note that the food storage capacity will vary depending on the size and density of your pet's kibble. When in doubt, round up to the next size.

You can use our nifty size guide to find out which of our Vittles Vaults containers will work best for your needs. 

Take a look here: www.vittlesvault.com/find-your-size

Do I need to wash my Vittles Vault?

We recommend thoroughly washing and drying your Vittles Vault prior to use. It is also recommended to periodically wash and dry your container. This is because the oils from the pet food can absorb into the plastic over time and become rancid. A good rule of thumb is to wash and dry your container with each new bag of food.

What is your warranty policy?

Our products are guaranteed to be free of defects in manufacturing and workmanship for up to one year. To file a warranty claim, please visit www.vittlesvault.com/warranty. To successfully file a warranty claim, you will need a copy of your receipt with the date of purchase, a photo of the defect and a description of the issue.

To view our warranty policy, please visit www.vittlesvault.com/warranty-policy

How can I contact customer service?

As a manufacturer that sells to distributors and retailers, our capability to respond to individual questions is limited. If you have questions or concerns about your product, we recommend first contacting your retailer. We provide them with allowances to assist you with any issues. If you are unable to receive adequate help from your retailer, you can contact us at service@gamma2.net.

Where can I buy a Vittles Vault?

Vittles Vaults are available in most places that pet supplies are sold. Some of our partners include: Amazon, Petco, PetSmart,  and thousands of other retailers.

My lid is too tight and I can't open it.

Try pressing on the center of the lid and then unscrewing.

Is my Vittles Vault recyclable?

While we hope you would never want to discard your Vittles Vault, you can indeed recycle it if you no longer need it. 

What size is the free scoop included with the Vittles Vaults?

The scoop is just a smidge over 1 cup.​

Can you stack different sized vaults on top of each other?

Many of our containers can be stacked together.​

- Containers that are the same design and size can be stacked on top of each other
- Containers that have the same design, but different sizes can also be stacked. Please stack the smaller container on top of the larger container.

How tightly should I screw on my lid?

To close and seal your Vittles Vault, all you have to do is spin the lid. It will close to the ideal setting. Overtightening and forcing the lid closed beyond this point can damage the protective seal.

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