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5 tips that will make you the best pet photographer

Many of us are guilty of taking hundreds of pictures of our pets, and running out of storage on our phones. We all love taking pictures of out pets because well, they’re so cute! Here are 5 tips that will make you the best pet photographer, so you can get the perfect Instagram worthy post of your furry friend!


pet photographer tips

5 tips for pet photography

1. Be Patient

Be patient! Sometimes our pets can be major divas. Don’t get frustrated that you might not be getting the perfect shot right away. It will happen, I promise!

Bandit Animal photography tips

My dog: Bandit

I got the perfect shot of my dog, Bandit, after lying on the floor for 5 minutes taking about 100 different pictures. It was so worth it, though!

2. Have Lots of Treats and Squeaky Toys

Distraction and bribing are great tools to use to get your dog's attention, or to get them to look in a certain direction. It’s okay, we won’t judge! Squeak that toy, make those funny noises or faces. Whatever it takes to get the perfect shot.

use toys to get your puppy to look at the camera

IG @forrest.and.jameson

Forrest and Jameson's parents trying to get Forrest, the puppy, to look at the camera. "Do you see the toy, Forrest?! Forrest, look over here, it's your favorite toy!"

3. Make it Fun!

The best pet photographers know that making a photoshoot with your pet fun is an absolute must! Get them excited and running around; the pictures will reflect that!

We know that dogs need structure, and sometimes we need them to be serious for a photo. But most of the time for photos we want them to show their fun and playful side!

Vittles Vault photoshoot Sena Correa and Maverick - pet photographer

Model Sena Correa and puppy Maverick getting to know each other at our photoshoot

4. Take a Bunch of Different Shots

Don't sit around and wait for the “perfect shot.” Sometimes the best pictures are candid shots! Just keep hitting that button and take hundreds of pictures. Once your mini photoshoot is done, you can go through them and just delete the ones that didn’t turn out that good.

Pet Photographer Tips Action Shot Dog

Perfect action shot from IG @evadogcom

5. Be Creative

Take pictures in a bunch of different spots and be creative! Take risks and try things you normally wouldn't. You might think it’s weird at first, but sometimes pictures turn out a lot better than you think when you’re taking them.

Pet Photography Tips Nature Dogs

@wilderness_shepherd being the most creative (and daring) dog on Instagram!

Do you have tips you'd like to share? I'd love to hear about them!

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