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25 Last MINUTE halloween dog costumes

Halloween always seems to sneak up on us! These 25 last minute Halloween dog costumes are the perfect solution for those procrastinating pet parents!

All of the last minute costumes can be a DIY project, which is ideal for the night before or day of Halloween!


1. Wonder Bread Loaf

DIY wonder bread loaf Dog Halloween Costume

Photo Via Instagram @Winstonthewhitecorgi

Winston the White Corgi as Wonder bread. Corgis make the best looking loafs! To make this an easy DIY, get a cardboard box that will fit around your dog, and glue an empty Wonder Bread bag to it! 

2. Ty Beanie Baby

DIY Beanie Baby Dog Halloween Costume

This is a super cute and very easy DIY costume. Perfect for the ones who have left the costume making until the night of Halloween! All you need for this DIY is a heart shaped cardboard cutout, markers and a hole puncher!

3. Unicorn

DIY Unicorn Dog Halloween Costume
DIY Unicorn Dog Halloween Costume

Who doesn’t love unicorns! Making the unicorn horn can be super easy and you can add more to the costume if you have time!

4. Watch Dogs

DIY Watch Dog Punny Dog Halloween Costume

Now that's a PUNny costume! This can easily be done with a cardboard clock attached to ribbon to tie around the waist.

5. Mummy

DIY Mummy Dog Halloween Costume

This is a super easy DIY costume, and perfect for those who love spooky costumes!

6. Scooby Doo

DIY Scooby Doo Dog Halloween Costume

The best costume for Scooby Doo lookalikes, definitely a must if your doggo is a tan great dane!

7. Smores


Photo via StudioDIY

This has to be one of my favorites! If you have a brown dog their coat can be the “chocolate” and you can skip the brown on the costume!

8. Bunny

DIY Bunny Rabbitt Dog Halloween Costume

Who doesn't love bunnies?! All you need is bunny ears for this, doesn't get much easier!

9. Butt Head

 DIY Smiling Butt head Dog Halloween Costume

This costume is hilarious! This will be the perfect costume for dogs with short tails!

10. Martini

 DIY Cone Martini Dog Halloween Costume

This is such an easy DIY! All you need is a cone, a small wooden dowel, and Styrofoam balls painted green!

11. Construction Worker

DIY Construction Dog Halloween Costume

You can either run over to a nearby hardware store and pick up a hardhat, or you might even have one at home already! This doggo is ready for work!

12. Football

DIY Football Dog Halloween Costume

This is the perfect costume for a brown dog! You can use some white masking tape that’s not super sticky to make the lines. How easy is that!

13. Beautiful Ballerina

 DIY Ballerina Dog Halloween Costume.

Such a pretty ballerina! You can use an old tutu you have laying around, or make one with some toole and an elastic waistband!

14. Ninja Turtle

DIY Ninja Turtle Dog Halloween Costume

Photo via Craftsbycourtney.com

How cool is this super easy DIY Ninja Turtle costume! This would be great for a group costume with the family! Head over to Craftsbycourtney.com to check out the easy DIY instructions!

15. Grandma Doggo

DIY Dog getting ready Halloween Costume

How can you look at this and not smile! It is too cute! All you will need is some old rollers, a bandana or scarf and some sunnies!

16. Bambi

DIY Bambi Deer Dog Halloween Costume

If you have a tan doggo, this would be such a great and easy costume! Make sure you get paint that is suitable to use on dogs, like the PetPaint Color Spray.

17. Dapper Doggo

DIY Dapper Dog Halloween Costume

This is the ultimate last minute DIY costume. Just put on a bowtie, some old glasses and a hat and you're good to go! 

18. The Dog that is Too Cool for School

DIY Urban Rapper Dog Halloween Costume

This is a super easy DIY, all you need is just some old clothes that will fit your dog! Turn the hat to the side and throw on a gold chain, and you are ready for Hallloween!

19. The Big Bad Wolf

 DIY Grandma Dog Halloween Costume

Don’t tell grandma you used her shower cap for the dogs costume!

20. Sushi

DIY Sushi dog halloween costume

Photo via Eatsleepmake.com

Who doesn’t love sushi! There’s a ton of easy DIY’s out there for sushi costumes, and they are just too cute! Visit Eatsleepmake.com for easy step-by-step instructions!

21. Professional Doggo!

DIY Professional Dog Halloween Costume

If you have an old dress shirt that you don’t wear anymore, this is the perfect DIY costume for you!

22. Taco

DIY Taco Dog Halloween Costume

Photo via Brit.co

If you have some felt and a hot glue gun laying around, this is the perfect last minute Halloween costume! Check out Brit.co for easy step-by-step instructions!

23. Hersey Kiss

DIY Hershey Kiss Dog Halloween Costume

All you need for this is foil and some ribbon for the top! Obviously the dog won’t be able to walk to good in the full costume, so the hat can be worn by itself!

24. Shark 

DIY Shark Dog Halloween Costume

Photo via Blitsy.com

This is a great DIY that can be done with felt, or even some painted cardboard!

25. Ghost

DIY Ghost Dog Halloween Costume Easy

We couldn't make a last minute Halloween costume post without including a ghost! 

Which one of these dog costumes is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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