Top 10 Photos from our Dog Beach Photoshoot - Vittles Vault

Top 10 Photos from our Dog Beach Photoshoot

When you're doing a photoshoot at dog beach, you never know what can happen!

We had everything planned and scheduled for a product photoshoot featuring the new Vittles Vault Travel-Tainer, the Vittles Vault Jr., and the Vittles Vault SoftStore, but then we got photobombed! 

About 15 minutes into the photoshoot, our model was looking pretty on a beach blanket when a four-month-old German Shepherd decided to come say hi! It turned out to be a blessing because this puppy was a natural model and stole the show.

When doing a photoshoot, it's important to have a firm plan, but even then, some of your best photos can happen purely by accident.​


1. Maverick the Photobomber

Vittles Vault Travel-Tainer and Junior

At Dog Beach in Del Mar

Maverick was frolicking along the beach and decided to come and say hi. Our model, Sena Correa, took it all in stride. These two are naturals!

2. ​Pose Game is Strong

Vittles Vault Travel-tainer dog beach

Make sure you photograph my good side!

Like a true professional, Maverick made sure we captured only his best angles!

3. Is This My Mom and Dad?

Family photoshoot dog beach Vittles Vault Travel-Tainer

Maverick loves the attention!

We kept thinking that Maverick would get bored and go back to his real parents, but instead he hung out with us. It looks like he's really enjoying himself (and the attention)!

4. Here's Chucko!

Chucko the Australian Shepherd and the Vittles Vault SoftStore

Chucko the Australian Shepherd and the Vittles Vault SoftStore Container

We let Maverick take a tug break and our regularly scheduled model, Chucko the Australian Shepherd, took his position on the beach blanket. I think he might have been annoyed that he was so easily replaced!

5. The More the Merrier

Maverick, Frank and the Vittles Vault Travel-Tainer

Frank D. Tank joins Maverick

Our favorite pug (Frank D. Tank) decided to stop by and give Maverick some modeling tips. He taught him the Blue Steel pose, but Maverick had other ideas. 

6. ​Blooper Alert

Dog Beach Photoshoot Blooper

What is happening?!?!

Maverick decided to sniff around and stepped in the Travel-Tainer water dish! 

7. Made in the Shade

Vittles Vault Jr at dog beach

Modeling is hard work!

Are you wondering how we got Maverick to pose for this shot? I'll let you in on a secret....

He did this all by himself. I told you he was a natural!

8. Time for Lunch

Frank and the Vittles Vault Travel-Tainer

Break time!

Frank D. Tank is giving us a not-so-subtle hint that he wants to break for lunch.

9. Fun and Games at Dog Beach

Del Mar Fair and dog beach photoshoot

Maverick checks out the scenery

We just happened to plan our photoshoot at dog beach at the same time as the Del Mar Fair. How lucky, right? 

Here, we see Maverick perfecting his model run. Looks like he's got it down!

10. Time to Get Wet!

Running at dog beach with the travel-tainer

To swim or not to swim?

Maverick was fascinated by the splashing water at our model's feet. Fascinated.

11. Bonus Blooper

Negotiating dog beach stairs


Chucko is really excited to get to the beach. I don't think Nic, our lovely model, was quite prepared for that! Her expression: priceless.

A huge thank you  to our photographer, James Woodard. Check out more of his work on his Instagram @cantcount210.

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Jamaica Winship is Vice President of Business Development at GAMMA2, Inc. She loves all animals, but especially her Australian Shepherd, Chucko.

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