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7 easy diy dog accessories projects

We all know that the cuteness level gets turned up a bit when you see a dog wearing an adorable accessory.

All the DIY dog info you need for collar sleeves, rope leashes, bowties and sweaters is below. The best part is that almost all of them require no sewing!


7 diy dog project ideas

1. DIY Dog No Sew Collars

If you’ve never heard of a collar sleeve before, don’t panic! I hadn’t heard of them either, until I found Sarah Dickerson’s post on her blog, Pretty Fluffy. Not only are these  collar sleeves super easy to make, they are seriously adorable!

These DIY dog collar sleeves can actually end up saving you a ton of money too! Say no more to buying a collar for your dog in every color, for every season, or to match all their adorable outfits. All you need to make these are fabric, a hot glue gun and some scissors. To make them extra cute you can get some sequins, lace trim or some fancy ribbon to also glue onto the fabric.

2. ​DIY Ombre Rope Leash

With the help of some rope, fabric dye and rope clamps, you can make sure your dog is always looking stylish with this ombre rope leash. Rope leashes are really popular right now and we understand why, because they’re practical and cute!

3. DIY No Sew Bow Tie

I mean, does it get any cuter than this?! One thing I love about this no sew bow tie is that it is so versatile. As you can see in the picture below from Sarah Dickerson’s blog Pretty Fluffy, your pup can wear this to a wedding and be the most charming ring bearer or best man that there is.

Or it can be used as an everyday accessory for roaming around the dog park.

All you’ll need for this DIY dog bowtie is some fabric, thick velvet ribbon, and some Velcro and you’re good to go! Doesn’t get much easier than that, does it!

4. DIY Now Sew Dog Sweater

For some it can be difficult to find the perfect sweater for your beloved pup. With this awesome DIY no sew (yes, that does say no sew) dog sweater tutorial from Were Far From Normal, you can easily make the perfect dog sweater with an old sweater you have hanging in the back of your closet.

It is important to note that this tutorial does use the arm of an old human sweater, so it might not work for your big dog. In just a few easy steps Krista shows you how to make this adorable sweater. First take some measurements, cut some holes for the legs and voila! An easy DIY sweater for those chilly winter months!

5. DIY Dress Shirt Dog Collar

These dress shirt dog collars are perfect for the dogs that are lucky enough to go to work with their humans. Just imagine showing up to work on a Monday morning with your pup dressed in this dapper and professional collar. You and your pup might just be the office heroes, for cheering everyone up on a dreary Monday morning!

There are a few things to remember when trying to find the best dress shirts to cut up for your dog. Make sure the collar has a button at the very top, this will keep it in place and prevent it from slouching and looking like a hot mess. The next thing to remember is that the collar must have a collar stand, which makes the collar stiff.

6. ​DIY No Sew Bandana

I know we’ve all seen the typical dog bandana a million times, but this DIY tutorial shows you how to use any fabric to make a fabulous bandana for your doggy in just a couple minutes!

All you need to make these no sew bandanas is some fabric, an iron and some hemming tape. One thing I love about these super easy DIY dog bandanas is that you can make them on the fly for all occasions! All you have to do is go to your local fabric store and find some cute, festive fabric and you can have a new bandana for all occasions!

7. DIY Up-Cycled Dog Shirt

It’s always fun to dress up our dogs in cute little outfits, but the not so fun part is when a little dog shirt can cost up to $20! With this up-cycled dog shirt tutorial you can make your dog a shirt for less than $5.

This tutorial uses baby onesies, so it is targeted for smaller dogs. Claire Gallam, the author of this post and a SheKnows expert, explains that if your dog is 15 pounds or less, a newborn size onesie will work best for you. If your dog is over 15 pounds, you should use a 3 month size onesie.

What other doggy accessories are you making? Let us know in the comments below!

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