What is a Vittles Vault

What Does Vittles Vault Mean?

What Does "Vittles Vault" Mean?

Kind of a silly name, isn't it?

And try saying it 10 times fast!

Over the years, our tongue twisted friends have continuously asked us about the origin of the name.

The "Vittles Vault," in simple terms, is a ​food storage container - the term Vittles represents food, and the term "Vault" symbolizes locking in freshness and keeping the food safe from the elements and pests.

But there's more to it than that.

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This puppy wants to know - shelter vs pound - what's the difference?

Shelter vs. Pound – What’s the Difference?

Shelter vs pound? what's the difference?

The question of shelter vs pound came up during a meeting.

November is "adopt a senior dog" month, and as a company, we were discussing ways to help our employees adopt a dog, cat, or any other pet needing a home. 

The question arose, "what is the difference between a shelter, a rescue, and a pound? Is it better to adopt a pet from one facility instead of the other?"

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Vittles Vault by GAMMA2

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Pet Food

Stay tuned... Compelling content coming soon.

Vittles Vault Travel-Tainer Blue and Pink
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big kahuna vittles vault container

10 Unexpected Uses for Your Vittles Vault

10 unexpected uses for your vittles vault

Who knew that Vittles Vaults were more than just airtight pet food containers?

Over the last 30 years, our customers have gotten very creative! From food storage, to Mt. Everest expeditions, I'll share some our favorite stories.​

If you've found a creative use for your Vittles Vault or GAMMA Seal Lid, let us know and we'll add you to our list!​

Creative uses for your Vittles Vault
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what dog food is best

What is the Best Food for Your Pet?

what is the best food for your pet?

Absolutely everyone has an opinion on this, but who's right?

Well-meaning pet parents want to feed their furry companions the absolute best food they can, but with conditions like skin allergies, cancer, diabetes, obesity and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) on a meteoric rise, it's time to re-evaluate what we should be feeding our pets.

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