5 Reasons Why You Need a Vittles Vault - Vittles Vault

5 Reasons why you need a vittles vault

There are a few things you might notice when you get a Vittles Vault. We’re here to let you know just exactly what to expect!

Vittles vault container in kitchen


1. Your Pets Food Will Stay Fresh

Our Vittles Vaults are equipped with a patented sealing system that makes the container airtight. When kibble is kept in a Vittles Vault it will stay fresh longer! Keep your wallet and your pet happy!

Corgi Eating Food Drewbert the corgi

2. Your Pantry or Cupboard Will Stop Smelling Like Kibble!

Because our containers are airtight, the smells of the kibble won’t spread all over your house! Say no more to smelly pantries, coat closets and cupboards.

Gamma2 Vittles Vault Home Romney House shoot

3. Your Pet Will Enjoy Their Fresh Food

Your pup will feel like they're getting kibble from a fresh bag every day! Our pets already have to eat the same meal every day. It's important to keep it in a Vittles Vault so it can be fresh every day. They will definitely thank you!

puppy in food container

Photo Via @jaxandthepack

4. You Can Save Money Buying Bigger Bags of Food

Say no more to buying small bags of food because you don't want it to go bad. When you store your kibble in a Vittles vault it stays fresher longer, meaning you can buy bigger bags!

Big bag of dog food

5. Your Pets Food Will be Ant and Bug Free!

Our airtight seal keeps the smells of kibble inside the container, which prevents ants and bugs from getting inside! In certain areas where ants and bugs are always present, the Vittles Vault will keep your pet's food safe from ants and bugs!


As you can probably tell, here at GAMMA2 were all about keeping it fresh!

Next time you're at your local pet store, don't forget to pick up a Vittles Vault. Your pet will definitely thank you! 

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