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10 unexpected uses for your vittles vaults

Who knew that Vittles Vaults were more than just airtight pet food containers?

Over the last 30 years, our customers have gotten very creative! From food storage, to Mt. Everest expeditions, I'll share some our favorite stories.​

If you've found a creative use for your Vittles Vaults or GAMMA Seal Lid, let us know and we'll add you to our list!​


Creative uses for your Vittles Vault

1. Bulk Food Storage

Because the Vittles Vaults and the GAMMA Seal Lids are BPA-free and food grade, many people have naturally made the connection that they can put bulk food items in their containers for long term storage. People have stored rice, beans, wheat, flour, sugar and more for years!​

Brooklyn's Frugal Pantry, a NYC blogger, discovered the Vittles Vault 40 lb. stackable ​container after finding out that other containers weren't airtight or pest proof.

She prefers the Vittles Vault and says, "this not only allows me to stock up on bulk food so that I’m not running out constantly, but enables me to stock up on sales around the holidays.

Vittles Vault 60 lb stackable container for bulk food storage

photo by brooklynsfrugalpantry.com

Here's another helpful tip she gave: she recommends freezing flour and grains for at least 72 hours to kill off any pests that may have hitched a ride. Apparently, there are weevil eggs in all your rice, grains, and seeds, so freezing prevents the eggs from hatching. Finally, after the 72 hours, she says it is okay to remove the flour and grains from the freezer, but she cautions to allow it to come to room temperature before  adding contents to the Vittles Vault to prevent moisture buildup or mold.​

2. ​Brewing Beer

At first a few home brewers started using our containers. Then word caught on, and the Vittles Vault is in thousands of microbreweries around the world. Most use the containers as hops storage, but some have even used them for their fermentation process.

Vittles Vault for Beer Brewing

Mother Earth Brew Company - Vista, CA

Mother Earth Brew Company in Vista, CA, has an impressive selection of Vittles Vaults!

3. Storing Refrigerated Contents

The raw pet food trend has taken off like gangbusters, but storage can be an issue. Pet parents who buy their food in tubes, have discovered that it's hard to store those tubes while also keeping contents fresh. 

The Vittles Vault Jr. is ideally shaped to store raw and frozen pet food while preventing its pungent odors from creeping in to your other refrigerated items.

Vittles Vault, Jr. by GAMMA2

4. Turkey Briner

This idea came to us from a Petco Store Leader. He uses the 50 lb. Vittles Vault to brine his turkey every Thanksgiving. It's really a genius solution because it's a perfect way to keep your turkey in a sterile environment during the brining process.

Vittles Vault 30 50 80 lb

The advantage of a Vittles Vault over a traditional turkey brining container is you can use this for other applications year round.

5. Portable Shower

People have even built businesses around their creative solutions!

Big Kahuna is a portable shower solution for camping and surfing trips, and even construction job sites!

Big Kahuna Portable Shower made from a Vittles Vault

With some clever engineering, Jeffrey Stinchcomb created an entire business that  uses the Vittles Vault to make portable showers. We especially appreciate the range of sizes from just under 5 gallons to 13 gallons. 

And if that isn't exciting enough, the Big Kahuna now has an optional heating accessory so your portable shower can now be taken in warm luxury.​

6. ​Mountain Expeditions

Sherpas making their regular trips to the peak of Mt. Everest have discovered that carrying their supplies in Vittles Vaults Buckets with GAMMA Seal Lids is the most convenient way to safely get contents to the top.

GAMMA Seal Lid Mt. Everest Expedition

7. "You Put Your Weed in There."

Remember that old Saturday Night Live skit about all the places where you can store marijuana.

Enterprising fans of the Vittles Vault have discovered that it's a perfect storage and transportation solution. The Vittles Vault keeps their product free of humidity and locks in the odor so that skunky smell doesn't offend neighbors and houseguests.

Some farmers have confidently expressed that they could keep their cannabis in our containers for years if needed.

Or your girlfriend who just happens to be a Vice Principal at a middle school and doesn't want the clothes in her closet to smell like cannabis. 

8. ​Aquarium Canister Filter

Canister filters are apparently quite pricey, but Joey Mullen, the leader of DIY Fishkeepers, created something truly wonderful.

He fashioned a sophisticated filtering system out of a simple bucket and a GAMMA Seal Lid. His thousands of loyal followers are extremely grateful for his ingenuity.

Canister Filter out of GAMMA Seal Lid

photo by Fishlore.com

9. Kayaking Dry Box or a Livewell

Over time, a commercial drybox can get pretty beat up. Not so with the Vittles Vault. Kayak fishing enthusiasts have discovered that the Vittles Vault 40 lb stackable container makes a perfect livewell.  Or dry box. Dealer's choice!

Vittles Vault Livewell or Dry Box

photo by saltwaterkayakfisherman.com

10. Baking Supplies

Time to go back to food for a second. While most of us aren't baking cupcakes by the truckload, imagine that rushed baker trying to get at vats and vats of flour and sugar and all the other good stuff and having to stack and unstack containers. Or worse - if this baker was storing all this stuff in bags, it's not staying fresh and there's a huge risk for a bug infestation.

Vittles Vault for Baking Supplies

Not anymore. Problem solved!

11. Cushioned Bucket Seat

Here's an extra one, and I think they get bonus creativity points.

It may seem odd, kinda like, "why on earth would you make a cushioned bucket seat?"

But then I think about going to my nephew's soccer games and wishing I had something comfortable to sit on. Especially as I'm lugging a really bulky bag of snacks and water bottles.

What if I could carry all that in a simple bucket and then have something comfortable to sit on afterward? Wow, genius. It also comes in handy for camping, fishing, parades, or anywhere else you want a comfy seat on the go.

How does it work?

You can take virtually any bucket and put a GAMMA Seal Lid right on top. Or, use one of our Vittles Vault Buckets if you're looking for something food-grade and BPA-free.​

5 Gallon Bucket Seat - GAMMA Seal Lid

photo by finditmakeitloveit.com

Want to know how to make this clever creation? This one minute video from Find It, Make It, Love It is quite helpful:

Have an idea?

We are just scratching the surface of all the things you can do with a Vittles Vault and a GAMMA Seal Lid.

I'd love to hear your ideas. Please comment below or email me at jamaica@vittlesvault.com so I can add your cleverness to our list.​

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