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the 10 best dog parks in the us

Exploring new parks and beaches is fun for the whole family. These 10 dog parks are a must do for all the adventurous dogs and their owners!


10 best dog parks

1. Fiesta Island - San Diego, CA

Fiesta Island is located in beautiful San Diego, California, right next to Mission Bay and Sea World. Most of the island is off-leash, which is nice for your pups to be able to run around freely! Not only is there a ton of room for you dog to frolic, there is a ton of things for humans to do, too!

Fiesta Island, San Diego

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2. ​Pilgrim Bark Park - Provincetown, MA

Pilgrim Bark Park, located in Provincetown, Massachusetts, is full of happy dogs and benches designed by local artists! This dog park is situated on an acre of land where your dog can run around and socialize off leash. They also have a separate section for smaller dogs, so our little guys don’t have to worry about getting stepped on by the bigger guys!

Pilgrim Bark Park Dog Park

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3. Freedom Barks Dog Park - Medford, NJ

Freedom Barks Dog Park is located in the beautiful Medford New Jersey area. There is a mixture of hiking trails, big open fields and even some agility equipment. They hold fun events for families and their furry friends, such as the Dog-Gone Easter Egg Hunt held in April.

Freedom Barks Dog Park New Jersey

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4. Point Island Regional Shoreline - Richmond, CA

Point Isabel Regional Shoreline is located in the Bay Area. At this park dogs are allowed to be off leash under the voice control of their owner. You must have a leash with you, and your dog has to be within sight at all times. This huge park offers great views of the Golden Gate Bridge and 2.5 miles of the San Francisco bay trail.

Point Isabel Dog Park in Richmond CA

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5. Fort De Soto Dog Park - Tierra Verde, FL

The dog park at Fort De Soto, located South of St. Petersburg Florida, has a part of the beach designated just for dogs! There are also 2 fenced-in areas for both big and small dogs!

Fort De Soto Dog Park in Tierra Verde, FL

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Fort De Soto Dog Park in Tierra Verde, FL

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6. ​Asbury Park Dog Beach - Asbury Park, NJ

This dog beach in New Jersey is open to dogs and their owners year round! They do have special times that dogs are allowed on the beach during summer, but the rest of the year they’re allowed on the beach all day!

Asbury Park Dog Park and Beach

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7. Beau's Dream Dog Park - Lancaster, PA

This dog park opened in August 2013. A local resident of Lancaster and her dog Beau won the Beneful Dream Dog Park contest, and were awarded $500,000 for a new dog park! It features a small and large dog area, splash pads, tunnels, and a tennis ball tree that launches tennis balls for your dog to fetch! This is what dog heaven must be like!

Beaus Dream Dog Park in Lancaster PA

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8. Warren G. Magnuson Park - Seattle, WA

The Warren G Magnuson Park is over 350 acres. The off-leash dog area is sprawled out over 8.6 acres! It is fully fenced so your dog can’t run too far. They also have a small and "shy" dog area that’s also fenced in.

Warren G Magnuson Park in Seattle WA

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9. Bear Creek Dog Park - Colorado Springs, CO

This dog park has 25 acres for your pup to run around off-leash! There is also a separate fenced in area for smaller dogs, 25 pounds and under. This park is perfect if your dog loves to roam; there are dozens of different trails and creeks to explore!

Bear Creek Dog Park in Colorado Springs, CO

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10. Wiggly Field - Chicago, IL

Wiggly Field is a clever play on words for Wrigley Field, the nearby baseball stadium. Wiggly Field is located on the north side of Chicago, and is a part of the Noethling Park. It was one of the first dog parks in Chicago.

Do you have a favorite dog park that you visit? We'd love to hear about it?

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